11 Senators form new Canadian Senators Group

Written by Ragini Joshi

Published on : November 4, 2019 12:13

11 Senators form new Canadian Senators Group
11 Senators form new Canadian Senators Group

11 Canadian senators have broken away from their caucuses to form a new Canadian Senators group.

In a press release issued on Monday, the new CSG’s formation was announced. It says that the new caucus will be ‘focused on promoting regional interests’ from across the country.

“Members of the CSG want to see this founding principle maintained and respected so that the will of the majority does not always trump regional interests,” the group stated in its press release.

“United in their approach to thorough research and comprehensive review of legislation, close consultation with Canadians and rigorous, but at all times respectful, debate, CSG senators are free to take positions and vote on legislation independently of personal political affiliations and each other.”

Senators Larry Campbell, Stephen Greene, Doug Black, Robert Black, Diane Griffin, Elaine McCoy, David Richards, Pamela Wallin, Scott Tannas, Josée Verner, and Vern White are now members of the CSG. According to them they would be “happy to welcome” the new members who wish to join them.

“The Senate plays an important role in representing the voices of citizens” Smith said in a statement.

“I intend to refocus my contributions to the chamber through policy and legislative matters in policy areas consistent with my own communities of interest and background in business. I look forward to continue working with our caucus as a conservative senator,” he said.

“In a country too often seen [as] a collection of dispersed and divided interests, it’s important that people have the means to express their vision for the future of this great country in Parliament.  Canada would be poorly served by diminishing the role of official Opposition in the Senate Chamber,” he wrote.

“I look forward to a future where the Senate Conservative caucus reaffirms our dedication to this task. And the willingness of the Senate to see our role endure and thrive. Anything less than that will weaken our democracy.”

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