Heat wave
Canada News

With Climate change the heat wave is going to become more common and Unprecedented, as per the scientists.

British Columbians have been subjected to extreme weather events three out of the last five summers, altering the history of a season traditionally famed for its pleasant, sunny forecasts. This week’s epic heatwave, which wreaked […]

Military intelligence
Canada News

Military intelligence thought Documents show that a British Columbia reservist was a regional leader of the far-right movement.

According to sources, military officials believe a Canadian reservist was more prominent in, and deeply involved with, a now-banned right-wing organization than initial reports suggested an assessment that senior intelligence officials appear to have kept […]

golf controversy
Canada News

Following the golf controversy, Canada’s acting top soldier offers the navy leader a shot at redemption.

After two weeks of consideration, Canada’s acting top soldier, Lt.-Gen. Wayne Eyre has decided that Vice-Admiral Craig Baines will continue to lead the navy, despite criticism over his decision to participate in a contentious golf […]