4 killed in Hydro one helicopter crash in eastern Ontario

OPP confirmed that four people have been killed in a helicopter crash today north of Kingston, Ont.Emergency crews responded to the crash scene while the Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre at CFB Trenton dispatched a Hercules aircraft and Griffon helicopter.

OPP Acting Sgt. Tina Hunt said that  the aircraft went down near the hamlet of Flinton, sometime before 12 p.m., approximately 70 kilometres northeast of Belleville.

The chopper was a 1999 AS350 B2. The single-engine helicopters are often used for corporate purposes.

In a statement, Hydro One said the safety of its employees is “paramount” and said the crash will be investigated by the appropriate agencies.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with their families at this difficult time. During this grieving process, we will do everything we can to assist our employees and their families who have been affected in any way, by providing counseling and support.”

Kim Clayton, who lives near the crash site, said she went to the window after she heard a loud crash.She said she went outside and saw power workers scrambling, and one of them shouted to her to call 911.Clayton said the power workers had been in the area for about a week and the helicopter was being used to ferry workers to remote areas off the roadway so crews could perform repairs.

She said, “It kind of shook the house. It didn’t sound like what a normal helicopter should sound like. And I’m thinking in my head, I’m going ‘Oh my God, I think the helicopter just crashed.”