Six uses of cold drink in everyday life.

Published on : December 3, 2017 2:01

There are always good and bad side of everything. Despite of  negative effects cold drinks have on our health, the demand for aerated drinks fail to diminish.

Apart of drinking, these drinks have some wonderful uses to resolve daily life tasks.

Cleans a burned pan
If you have lost all hopes for cleaning a burned pan, try this trick with cold drink! Pour some black cold drink and leave it for some time. The acidic properties of cold drink can clean even the most rigid dirt.

Ingredient for homemade BBQ sauce
If ever you run out of BBQ sauce at a party, here’s the easiest fix. Mix a can of cold drink with some ketchup and tadaa – you get a delicious homemade barbeque sauce!

Gets the vintage charm to photos
Due to the acidic properties of the aerated drinks you can turn your pictures into vintage mode. All you need to do is to just dip the picture into the dish containing cold drink and let it dry.

Remover for marker pen stains
If your kids paint the upholstery in colours all day, do not panic! Apply some cold drink to the stains, scrub it and then use soap mixed in water to clean up finally.

Helps in hair care
The aerated drinks contains phosphoric acid which gets rid of the hair cuticles, is great for enhancing natural curls, dissolves unwanted dye and also makes your hair don great volume.

Great gardening tool
Pouring cold drink into the soil reduces its pH making it perfect for the growth of the plants. Experts also suggest adding aerated drinks to the composite bin as it strengthens the growth of the microorganisms and improve the quality of fertilizers. Moreover, it also gets rid of the wasps.