62 workers decontaminated after chemical spill in North York

Paramedics and firefighters spent the night decontaminating more than 60 employees after a chemical spill at a recycling facility, Canada Fibres Ltd. in North York overnight.

A special paramedic unit known as the CBRN crew, which stands for chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, was on hand to treat workers.Five patients were transported to hospital with minor injuries.

Workers on a line that separates materials from blue box recycling bins began suffering from respiratory problems, according to Stephan Powell, Toronto Fire Services District Chief.

Powell said that when fire crews arrived at the scene, they set up a decontamination zone and evacuated the building. Crews were also sent in with air-quality monitoring equipment.However, the source of the poor air quality could not be determined.

A new fire crew coming on for the day shift will go in to the plant to re-test the air,

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