94 million dollars for winter road maintenance this year, Toronto.

Public Works Chair Jaye Robinson says the city is nonetheless ready for whatever the season “has to throw at us.
Robinson shared, “We have a huge arsenal ready to tackle winter head-on. Six hundred road plows, 200 salt trucks and 300 sidewalk plows.”
She announced that the city will take all efforts to make sure roads and sidewalks are kept snow free this winter and water main breaks are kept to a minimum.
Expecting patience from residents she said that regardless of how prepared the city is; residents will still have to have some patience whenever a big snowstorm hits.
The City of Toronto’s policy is to begin plowing expressways after 2 centimetres of snow has landed, main roads after 5 centimetres and local roads after 8 centimetres.
“We have to remind residents that it takes time to get to the local streets and clear the snow; 14 to 16 hours after a big storm we get there.Please remember that we have 5,600 kilometres of roads on 9,500 streets along with 6,000 kilometres of sidewalks and 262,000 driveways to clear.”