A lady from British Columbia struggles for access to her kid, who was taken to China by her airline pilot husband.

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A British Columbia Supreme Court judge has divided guardianship of a five-year-old girl between her mother in Richmond, B.C., and her father a Chinese airline pilot who transported the youngster to Chengdu in 2019 and has kept her there ever since.

The judgment is part of a bitter custody fight being fought in courts on two continents, including the mother’s claims that the father tried to force her to have his name tattooed on intimate parts of her body and threatened to track her down if she didn’t agree to his requirements.

“If you did this, the worst-case scenario is that your entire family, no matter where you hide or how far you hide, will find out why you relocated there very quickly. Everywhere on the planet, ” the man allegedly remarked during a phone call that the mother taped. The woman, identified as YQ, also alleged that her ex-husband, identified as JD, requested that her ovaries be removed.

Although Justice Sharon Matthews did not rule on that argument, she did rule that JD had attempted to impose conditions for the marriage’s continuation, including YQ having the tattoos. The judge also concluded JD had threatened to distance his daughter from her mother and was using the youngster as a bargaining chip in two orders issued last week and last month.

Matthews directed JD to notify everyone engaged in the girl’s care that YQ is the girl’s equal interim guardian, to renew the child’s Canadian passport, and to pass on gifts provided by her mother for her birthday and International Children’s Day. The ruling’s impact is questionable, however, because the child, known as AD, remains in China with JD and JD’s mother, with no access to a maternal grandmother who lives nearby cut off at this moment, and concurrent divorce procedures in a Chengdu court.

According to the ruling, YQ and JD met in 2013 in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. At the time, he was a pilot with Sichuan Airlines, and she was a flight attendant. The couple went to Canada and married in British Columbia in 2015. AD was born in the month of June 2016. “AD traveled to Chengdu with [her maternal grandma] in October 2019. JD flew the plane in which they traveled “ the judge drafted a letter.

“When AD left British Columbia in October 2019, she had a return travel home on December 31, 2019.”