A recent report suggests Stroke rates rising among younger adults.

New Update

The Heart & Stroke 2017 Stroke Report reveals that the risk of a stroke increases with age, which is why 80 per cent of all strokes happen to those over 60. But an increasing percentage of hospital admissions for stroke are occurring among patients between the ages of 20 and 59.

Dr. Patrice Lindsay, a director with Heart & Stroke says there are a few reasons why strokes are up among younger adults, and much of it has to do with our lifestyles.

The key risk factors for stroke include high blood pressure, obesity, high stress, and high cholesterol. When those factors combine, even young adults can experience a stroke.

The key to stroke recovery is quick action, since treatment needs to begin with a couple of hours of stroke onset.

Heart & Stroke advises anyone who thinks someone they know is having a stroke to call 911 and not try to drive a patient directly to hospital.

Recognize The Signs of Stroke.The key signs of a stroke can be broken down into the acronym FAST: Face drooping; Arms that cannot both be raised; Slurred or jumbled speech; Time to call 911.


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