A week later, Washington’s motives for keeping the border closed to Canadians remain unclear.

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A week after the United States startled many by declaring that the land border with US-Canada would stay closed for the time being, the specific reasons for that decision remain unknown. Even members of Congress in the United States have not been provided a clear explanation for the decision. According to New York State Rep. Brian Higgins, a lack of information is causing uncertainty among his people.

According to the office of Washington State Rep. Suzan DelBene, she “remains upset that we haven’t received a clear response from the government on why the shutdown was prolonged.” The announcement that the US-Canada land border will stay closed until at least Aug. 21 came only days after Ottawa declared that properly vaccinated Americans would be permitted to enter Canada beginning Aug. 9.

Many people anticipated the United States would follow Canada’s path. Since its inception, the United States‘ closure order has been less severe than Canada’s; for example, it has permitted aviation passage into the country. The number of COVID-19 cases in Canada is fewer than in the United States, and the immunization rate is greater.

A week after announcing that the US-Mexico border will stay closed, the Department of Homeland Security continues to provide the same evasive rationale.