A Winnipeg daycare owner faces criminal charges.

A Daycare owner has been arrested after a 13 month old, Chantal Phippard got second- and third-degree burns.
The toddler’s parents are still unaware about the exact circumstances that lead to the incident that left the skin on 13-month-old hands peeling away, falling off and blistering from the wrist down.
Winnipeg police Constable Jason Michalyshen said police arrested an adult on charges of causing bodily harm by criminal negligence, but can’t identify the individual because the charges haven’t been laid yet.
The incident occured on Oct 12, 2016 . Chantal was in the hospital for two weeks after the incident. She had to take pain medication and lost her appetite.
For now, Chantal is doing physiotherapy and her parents have to put sunscreen on her hands if it’s sunny out.
Her doctors are optimistic she’ll make a full recovery. She’s already back to running around, playing and picking up toys.