About 168 Canadians waiting to be rescued after Hurricane Maria.

There are about 168 Canadians seeking  help after Hurricane Maria wreaked smashed certain Caribbean islands with over over 6000 Canadians are back home safe.

Development minister Marie Claude Bibeau informed that the Canadians are in safe locations and the majority of them are in the Dominica.It is difficult to evacuate them at the moment, because infrastructure on the island nation, including both airports, is severely damaged.

Ross University School of Medicine has currently 147 students and university is planning on evacuating the students by boat to St. Lucia. he government says they have officials waiting on the island to greet the Canadians and help them get home quickly.

The Canadian disaster assessment team is arriving in Dominica today and will offer help to the stranded Canadians if they can.The government hasn’t received any requests from any Canadians in Puerto Rico.

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