According to the Liberals, all new vehicles and light-duty trucks sold in Canada will be electrified by 2035.

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The Liberal government said on Tuesday that it is accelerating its target of having every new light-duty vehicle sold in Canada be electric by 2025. According to Transport Minister Omar Alghabra, all new cars and light-duty trucks sold in the Kingdom by 2035 would be zero-emission vehicles.

Until recently, the government has set 2040 as the deadline for all passenger vehicles sold to be powered by this technology rather than petroleum. Alghabra referenced a recent International Energy Agency assessment that stated that by 2035, nearly all new light-duty vehicle sales will have to be electric in order to reach net-zero emissions by mid-century.

Canada has pledged that by 2050, its economy will either create no greenhouse gas emissions or will balance the heat-trapping pollution that is causing climate change through other means. Transportation has historically been Canada’s second-greatest source of greenhouse gas emissions, after only the oil and gas industry, with light-duty passenger vehicles and cars accounting for the majority of that total.