Advocates say-Help needed for mothers who want to abandon their newborns

Every year in Canada, mothers who can’t care for their newborn infants abandon them in places where they are left to die.

Some advocates are trying to change that and ensure that all unwanted babies survive. They’re working for laws encouraging women to abandon their babies in safe places with no questions asked.

In Canada, abandoning a newborn baby is a criminal offence.But  Organization founder Ellen Campbell says we need new laws that don’t just punish women for hiding unwanted infants, but encourage them to leave them in safe places, without repercussions.

In the last three-and-a-half years, at least five babies in Ontario alone have died after being abandoned by mothers who didn’t want them. No one knows the numbers across all of Canada, nor can anyone be sure how many newborns are left somewhere where their bodies are 0

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