Alberta firefighter dies fighting Ontario forest fires

Alberta firefighter dies while battling Ontario wildfires

An Alberta firefighter, Jerry Gadwa has died while helping to fight forest fires in Ontario.

Premier Rachel Notley Friday offered condolences following the death of Jerry Gadwa from the Kehewin Cree First Nation reserve, approximately 225 kilometres northeast of Edmonton near Bonnyville.

Gadwa died while supporting fire suppression efforts in Red Lake, Ontario, near the border with Manitoba.

“We are one country and we look out for one another. Mr. Gadwa and his fellow firefighters were in Ontario fighting to defend the well-being of their fellow Canadians,” Notley said in a statement.

“The sacrifice they and their families make is extraordinary and is felt heavily in hearts throughout Alberta and across Canada,” he added.

The release did not say how old Gadwa was or how long he’d served as a firefighter. The premier’s office said the cause of death is not being made public at this time.

There are currently more than 200 Alberta firefighters deployed in other provinces, with the majority in Ontario.