Can anyone disguise oneself as retired U.S. marine and participate boldly at Remembrance Day events?

Stolen Valour Canada,a Canadian group that investigates and exposes people falsely claiming to be veterans alleges a man who took part in Remembrance Day events at three schools in Red Deer, Alberta, is an impostor who never served in the U.S. marines.

The group says Peter Toth of Red Deer took part in events at St. Francis of Assisi Middle School, G.W. Smith Elementary and Aspen Heights Elementary in November dressed in a U.S. military uniform, complete with several medals and patches.

Ian White with Stolen Valour Canada said,”There’s no record of Mr. Toth ever having served in the United States Marine Corps.”A complaint has been lodged with the RCMP.

What prompted investigation?

White says his group received an anonymous tip about Toth, and that photos and verbal accounts suggest there is a lot wrong with Toth’s story.

“The rank is never worn on the arm, and then various patches and things that he was wearing just weren’t consistent with the narrative of being a marine, like a sniper patch, just not something the marines issue to their members.There was a lot of things with Mr. Toth that put up red flags for us.”

White says accounts he received of stories Toth delivered to children at the schools also raised alarm bells, including dates and places he claims to have served as a marine.

In brief conversation on FB, White says Toth told him he had served in Kandahar province in Afghanistan and “Hazzbollah.” Hezzbollah is a Shia Islamist political, military and social organization in Lebanon.

White says he was also sent a discharge document by Toth that the group says is a fake, including spelling errors and a signature that doesn’t match the date on the document.