Alberta’s COVID-19 rules are not being followed according to the experts.

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A large protest on Sunday at Church west of Edmonton was forcibly shut down by Alberta Health Services which now is representing a bigger crack in Alberta. According to the experts, it is very important to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the Alberta Province which shall be done by Law enforcement and health officials. 

Outside Grace Life Church in Parkhland protestors in the court of hundreds were gathered on Sunday where the crowd sand, shouted and also prayed were RCMP officers stood by the side.

The slogans and the shouts including people saying ‘pandemic is fake’, some said ‘End the Lockdown’. At the same time, many di also pray to open the church.

Premier Jason Kenney has been facing a lot of revolt as per the current restrictions. He has warned the public earlier which has now become stubborn, ultimately creating a hindrance to contain the virus. Post the protest he wrote on his Twitter handle that it is “increasingly clear” with so many people involved who are “unhinged conspiracy theorists.”

He added, “Their words and actions are unacceptable. Reasonable people can disagree about the best way to react to the threat of this pandemic. But spreading misinformation, conspiracy theories, and making threats are beyond the pale.”