All Flights Cancelled Out Of Hong Kong As Thousands Of Protesters Besiege Airport

Written by priyadarshinee

Published on : August 12, 2019 8:10

The Hong Kong Airport Authority has announced that all flights out of Hong Kong will be cancelled for the rest of Monday owing to a large number of protesters at the airport.

The Authority announced at 4 pm that only the flights departing the city will be those which have completed boarding.

Earlier, thousands of Hong Kong protesters returned to the airport for a sit-in, in protest of the police use of force on Sunday.

It came after demonstrators conducted a three-day-long protest at Chek Lap Kok to welcome tourists with information about the Hong Kong anti-extradition law protests and police brutality.

On Sunday, the Hong Kong police fired tear gas inside Kwai Fong MTR station and at Tai Koo MTR station. Some officers were disguised as protesters, as one protester had her right eye ruptured, apparently caused by a bean bag round fired by police.

On Monday, some demonstrators covered their right eyes with gauze in protest.

“Dirty cops return her eye,” one chanted as tourists exit the arrival hall.

A student who gave his surname as Cheung said he arrived at Terminal two at around 4 pm after hearing from others that only protesters who have protective gear should participate in Monday’s sit-in.

When asked if he was concerned about rumours that the airport may be cleared by police 6 pm, he said he was not aware of any such plan but believed it was a possibility: “When I first came to Terminal two, the shops were still open but now most of them have closed,” he said.

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