American father-son duo embarks on an epic journey to satisfy ketchup chip craving in Canada

Last week, an American father-son duo embarked on a remarkable adventure, driving for two days in an old army Jeep from Virginia to Canada just to get their hands on a special treat – ketchup chips! Rich Lieberman and his 15-year-old son, Jacob, had their hearts set on Lay’s potato chips flavored with the beloved Canadian ketchup seasoning, and they were determined to make the trip to Niagara Falls, Ontario, for this unique culinary experience.

A whimsical grocery run: While it would have been a relatively short journey of under 10 hours, the duo turned it into a memorable excursion. They embraced the leisurely pace of their open-air Jeep named Gertrude, which cruises around 70 kilometers per hour. Rich Lieberman humorously referred to their expedition as a “grocery run” and mentioned they had time to spare before Jacob’s school started.

Jacob’s joyful journey: Jacob’s enthusiasm made this journey even more special. Deaf and legally blind, Jacob experiences the thrill of the car ride through the sensations he can perceive. With the wind brushing against his face, Jacob smiled for half of the drive, fully savoring the experience.

A love for ketchup chips: Jacob’s love affair with ketchup chips began during another father-son road trip last summer when they traversed Canada on the Alaska Highway. Communicating through sign language, Jacob expressed his adoration for this Canadian classic due to his unwavering love for ketchup. Rich Lieberman playfully revealed that Jacob enjoys ketchup on unusual pairings, even on apples.

Adventures across borders: Together, the father and son have ventured on road trips across all 50 states of the United States and have explored half of Canada, including the Northwest Territories. Although ketchup chips are available to order on Amazon, Lieberman emphasized that their trip was all about the thrill of the journey and having fun.

A heartwarming reception: Upon reaching their destination, Jim’s No Frills on Lundy’s Lane in Niagara Falls, the duo began loading their cart with 40 bags of ketchup chips. Their passion for the unique snack didn’t go unnoticed, and an employee stepped in to assist them in locating a box of cherished chips.

A social media sensation: Last Saturday, Jim’s No Frills posted a photo of Jacob on Facebook, quickly capturing the online community’s hearts. The heartwarming post received over 9,000 likes, and one generous individual even offered to ship Jacob his favorite chips a few times a year.

Looking forward to more adventures: The adventure doesn’t end here. Rich Lieberman shared that they plan to return to Canada for another year’s ketchup chips next summer. Until then, their 40 bags of this Canadian delicacy will satisfy them until their next epic road trip.

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