Andrew Scheer unveils climate plan promising ‘green technology, not taxes’

Written by Punita V

Published on : June 20, 2019 5:29

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer unveiled a plan for the environment Wednesday that he said would meet Canada’s emissions reduction targets while eliminating the current federal carbon tax regime.

The plan, detailed in a 60-page platform-like document, is focused on what it calls “green technology, not taxes.” It hinges on setting strict emissions standards for major greenhouse gas emitters that, if exceeded, would force those companies to pay into a fund that would in turn be invested in government-certified clean tech companies — a policy the party said would force companies to make emissions reduction part of their business models.

“Conservatives fundamentally believe that you cannot tax your way to a cleaner environment. Instead, the answer lies in technology,” Scheer said in a speech to supporters in Chelsea, Que.. “The fact is, we can actually create more jobs in Canada through technological growth while at the same time lowering global emissions.

“Canadians expect results. And Conservatives know that Liberals are great at making promises but Conservatives are great at delivering. Because protecting the environment is a core conservative principle.”