As B.C.’s scorching heatwave continues, police report an increase in unexpected deaths.

Heat Wave
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Police in Metro Vancouver say they’ve reacted to more than 100 sudden deaths since the province’s unprecedented heatwave began, and the danger is anticipated to persist in the face of persistent heat projected for the next few days. By Tuesday afternoon, Vancouver police had responded to more than 65 unexpected deaths since the temperature began to rise on Friday. Twenty of those deaths were reported before 1:45 p.m. PT on Tuesday a typical day in the city that sees only three or four sudden deaths.

“Vancouver has never experienced temperatures like this, and regrettably, scores of people are dying as a result,” said Sgt. Steve Addison, a police spokeswoman, in a news release. He stated that officers from the police department’s investigation branch are being redeployed to respond to the issue and that additional officers are being called in from home.

The RCMP in Burnaby, British Columbia, stated earlier Tuesday that their officers had received 25 reports for deaths since Monday alone. Official causes of death have yet to be determined, although officials believe the majority are related to the harsh weather, according to a statement.

“Heat is thought to have played a role in the majority of the deaths. Many of those who died were seniors “Burnaby Cpl. Mike Kalanj issued a statement.

A similar story was reported to the RCMP in neighboring Surrey. It stated its officers reacted to 20 deaths on Monday and 18 by Tuesday mid-morning. Typically, the detachment receives only five such calls every day, according to the detachment.