Australian school discriminated against 5 year old turban-wearing boy.

Melton Christian school, a  Christian school in Melbourne, Australia discriminated against a Sikh boy, Sidhak after refusing to enrol him because he wore a turban, a tribunal has ruled.

The uniform policy of Melton Christian School in Melbourne prohibits non-Christian head coverings for boys.

But  Sagardeep Singh Arora, the boy’s father, argued that not letting Sidhak wear the patka, a child’s turban, was indirect discrimination.

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal ruled that Melton Christian School breached the Equal Opportunity Act in favour of Sagardeep Singh Arora.

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal said Sidhak had been disadvantaged because he wasn’t able to attend the school which was close to home and where his cousins were also students.

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