B.C. Election Results: Incumbents Flourish In Cities Around B.C.

Written by priyadarshinee

Published on : October 21, 2018 11:20

Shauna Sylvester, a candidate for Mayor in the City of Vancouver 2018 municipal election, speaks to supporters after losing the election in, Vancouver, BC, October, 20, 2018.

It was good news for incumbent mayors in cities around B.C. in Saturday’s municipal elections.

Incumbents were re-elected in Kelowna, Prince George, Williams Lake and Kamloops.

A showdown in Prince George between incumbent mayor Lyn Hall and Willy Ens went to Hall, who won with 11,702 votes. Hall picked up 88.8 per cent of the 13,184 votes cast.

Hall cruised to victory in the mayoral race with 11,702 votes, easily defeating political rookie Willy Ens with 1,045 votes.

“I feel great,” Hall said “This was a much different campaign than we had in 2014. We were really wanting to have a really good showing and we’ve seen that tonight and we’re very pleased.”

During the campaign, Hall said he heard a lot about the city’s infrastructure needs and affordable housing. People want to be informed about the details of why new infrastructure is required, where it’s going to be improved upon and what that process looks like, he explained.

“People want more communication about where we are on infrastructure upgrades,” he added.

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