B.C. reports a rise in cases which is likely to affect the hospitals as per the scientists.

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The variants of concern which at first were reported in UK are now spreading at a faster rate. If the Covid-19 modeling group is to be referred than the spike in cases will affect the Hospital capacities in British Columbia until May.

The situation can be avoided only in case the restrictions are imposed strictly.

The modeling group comprises of series of academics from the University of Britsh Columbia and Simon Fraser University where Pacific Institute is also lending support for Mathematical science.

UBC professor,Sarah Otto earlier also warned that B.C. is not reporting the Covid-19 cases properly in regard to the new variant. According to her the transmission need to be curbed by almost 40% as per the March reports.

The reports also suspect the cases to rise nearly by 2000 a day till April of the concerned variant.

The professor also mentioned that it is not the same Covid that happened last year, as the new variant is as strong as to make the person land up a person in the hospital.

Otto gave a statement saying, “The spike is going to fill up the hospitals and ICU capacity just before we get our vaccines rolled out unless we curb the transmission”.

On Wednesday 397 people were in hospital due to the virus which has surpassed the 374 cases as in December.