BC Parents question teacher training with EpiPen.

Written by Meeshika Sharma

Published on : September 8, 2017 12:34

Risk-assessment becomes a part of daily lives for parents with kids having life threatening allergies.Parents are apprehensive everyday while leaving their child at school and see if the class will be led by her regular teacher, or a substitute.

Sarah MacKinnon, a parent says, “You assume everyone who’s going to be with children is trained on anaphylactic reactions but it’s just not the case.”

One of the coordinators for the Metro Vancouver Anaphylaxis Group, MacKinnon has had several experiences where a teacher on call either hasn’t had his or her annual refresher on how to recognize the symptoms of anaphylaxis and use an EpiPen or has never been trained at all.

When asked about concerns raised by the Metro Vancouver Anaphylaxis Group around ongoing training and refreshers on EpiPens and anaphylaxis symptom recognition for substitute teachers, the Vancouver School Board wrote, “Every new teacher or teacher on call, when first hired by our district, completes the www.allergyaware.ca online.”