Baljit Thandi's husband was staying in Canada illegally, says Baljit's brother.

Meeshika Sharma
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A 32-year-old Baljit Thandi and her mother, who were stabbed to death by her husband in Brampton on Friday night hailed from Chhokraan village near Nawanshahr.publive-imagepublive-image

Deceased Baljit Kaur, was settled in Canada since 2006. Baljit's brother said that husband Dalvinder Singh had come to Canada after spending Rs 15 lakh and was staying there illegally.

She had married Dalvinder Singh, 29, around two years back. Her father Kuldeep Singh, who is sarpanch of Chhokraan village, and mother Avtar Kaur had also gone there on tourist visa around 15 months back and were staying with them.

Baljit's brother Harvinder Singh said, "Dalwinder spoke to us around noon and we discussed celebrating the first Lohri of their eight-month-old son. While they said that they would celebrate after coming to India, my sister sent me Rs 15,000 to distribute among girls who would come home for Lohri. Everything appeared normal, and he (Dalvinder) went to work. However, later in the day, our father called up to say that Dalvinder had killed my sister and mother by stabbing them.

Harvinder added, "However, since he had married my sister it would have helped him settle down there legally. For us, theirs was a happy family as they had their own house and our parents also did not tell us about any bitterness between the couple. Our parents went there on a tourist visa to help them bring up their little child, as my sister was also working in a factory."
He said, "Around 10pm on Friday night, my sister called up Dalvinder's boss to tell him that he was fighting with her and his boss advised her to stay calm. Around half-an-hour later, Dalvinder himself called up his boss to say that he had killed his wife and mother-in-law and asked him to inform the police. He also informed another person from the village. It was his boss who informed my father about the killing."
He added,"When my father reached the house, it had already been sealed by the police and the child was handed over to a child care centre."
Dalvinder hailed from Samraiv village in Jalandhar district. His mother lives there alone as his father had already died.
Jasmeet Batra, a close friend of the family, expressed her shock and dismay at the violence that erupted in the home.

She said the husband and wife would often take the young child out for walks in a stroller and oftentimes, Thandi and her mother would go out together for walks with the young child.

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