Be cautious while shovelling, Paramedics warn.

Snowfall signals shovelling. When it snows, everyone pulls out shovels to clean their driveways.
Paramedics want people to be ‘cautious’ while they clear the snow, to avoid too much strain on their hearts.
Yvonne Morelli, an acting paramedic supervisor with Toronto Paramedic Services guided,”Yes we need to shovel our driveways, but to be cautious when we do it to remember that it is a strenuous activity.”
Morelli adds that smokers, elderly people and people with pre-existing heart problems are most at risk, so need a watch.
Advising people to warm up before shovelling she says “Stretch a little bit, walk around your driveway a few times, just getting things warmed up so you’re not going right into some very difficult physical activity.”