Be prepared to pay a bit more to ride in TTC next year.

New Update


TTC_Fare hike in 2017 approved by the TTC Board, final approval awaited from CityCouncil.

The TTC board has approved a staff recommendation to raise the price of tokens and Presto fares by $0.10 to an even $3 starting in January.

The cost of a monthly Metropass from $141.50 to $146.25 and the cost for a weekly pass from $42.25 to $43.75 has been voted by the board.

Cash fare for adults will remain at $3.25 but students and seniors will pay $2.10, a Ten cent increase.

Transit advocacy group TTCRiders said more than 100 TTC customers planned to attend the board meeting at city hall today to speak out against the hike,.

The fare hikes will next go to city council for final approval.