Beggars Could Be Fined $50 In This Canadian City

In a municipality in Canada, beggars in Salmon Arm could be fined $50 if they are caught on the street or sidewalks. Since this fine was announced, the internet is doing what it does best by expressing their opinion on the topic – and it’s not polite.

Salmon Arm has become the latest municipality in BC to impose a fine for panhandlers seeking money. During a council meeting earlier this week, the bylaw amendment was passed that will allow officials to fine anyone $50 for asking money on city streets.

This fine will be given to those who are caught sitting or lying down on sidewalks asking for money from those who pass by.

Panhandling on streets and sidewalks was already outlawed in the city due to a bylaw that passed in May of this year. This bylaw prevents people from soliciting money within 15m of any bank machines, cars, or other public spaces in the city.

Council members have called this fine a last resort, stating that they do not want to use it but it is implemented for their disposal.

Since the bylaw was passed, the internet has been showing their outrage. Many people are questioning how something like this could be effective, given that the people who are panhandling do not have money to begin with. Paying a $50 fine would be next to impossible.