Bill C-6 proposes changes to Canadian Citizenship Act to Become Law.

Bill C-6 proposes various changes to the Citizenship Act, many of which serve to repeal changes introduced by the Conservative government with Bill C-24 in 2014.

Canadian Senator Mobina Jaffer stated on June 15 that the bill may receive royal assent as soon as next Monday.

Bill C-6 reduces the number of days during which a person must have been physically present in Canada before applying for citizenship to three years out of five.

It also allows permanent residents who had spent time in Canada before obtaining permanent resident status, for example as a temporary foreign worker or an international student, to count a portion of that time towards the residency requirement.

The bill also removes the intent to reside provision, which requires that an applicant intend to reside in Canada after they obtain citizenship.

Bill C-6 also proposes the removal of government’s ability to revoke citizenship from dual citizens on the basis of national security.

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