Brampton Man Gets Four Years For Human Trafficking

Written by priyadarshinee

Published on : June 8, 2019 12:59

A Brampton man has been sentenced to four years in prison after he was found guilty of numerous offences related to an ongoing human trafficking investigation, Peel police said.

Jason Scott, 36, was sentenced Friday after he was found guilty by a Brampton court of human trafficking, receiving material benefit from human trafficking and assault earlier this year.

In early 2014, Scott met a 22-year-old woman through social media and convinced her to travel to Toronto from Northern Ontario, police said. Shortly after arriving, Scott began posting ads for sexual services on the internet and arranged for clients to attend various hotels in the GTA.

The woman was exploited in the sex trade between April 2014 to June 2015, police said.

Scott was arrested and charged for his offences in 2017 following an investigation led by Peel police narcotics, vice, and street crime units.

He’s expected to serve his four-year sentence for multiple convictions in prison concurrently.

“Human trafficking is a complex and often a hidden crime that results in serious and long-term trauma for victims,” police said in a release. “Human traffickers prey on the most vulnerable people in our society and use different tactics to control, abuse, exploit and profit from them.”

Peel police is urging anyone with information about crimes of this nature to contact 905-453-2121 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).