Brampton tops list of Ontario’s Most Expensive City for Car Insurance once more

Published on : October 12, 2017 2:28

According to an annual list compiled by online insurance marketplace says residents of Brampton pay the highest car insurance rates in the province, a whopping 70 per cent more than the provincial average.

Mississauga ranks third on the list. Both cities held the same rankings last year.

In Mississauga, that driver pays an average $1,788 a year, down from $1,930 last year. In Brampton, that driver pays $2,268, down from $2,392 last year.The numbers used for comparison are based on a single 35-year-old driver with a clean driving record.

The top five most expensive cities in which to drive are:

1.     Brampton ($2,268);

2.     Vaughan ($1,825);

3.     Mississauga ($1,788);

4.     Markham ($1,785);

5.     Toronto ($1,743).


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