Brampton tops list of Ontario’s Most Expensive City for Car Insurance once more

According to an annual list compiled by online insurance marketplace says residents of Brampton pay the highest car insurance rates in the province, a whopping 70 per cent more than the provincial average.

Mississauga ranks third on the list. Both cities held the same rankings last year.

In Mississauga, that driver pays an average $1,788 a year, down from $1,930 last year. In Brampton, that driver pays $2,268, down from $2,392 last year.The numbers used for comparison are based on a single 35-year-old driver with a clean driving record.

The top five most expensive cities in which to drive are:

1.     Brampton ($2,268);

2.     Vaughan ($1,825);

3.     Mississauga ($1,788);

4.     Markham ($1,785);

5.     Toronto ($1,743).


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