Britain To Leave On 29 March Without Deal Unless There Is Common Agreement: Stephen Barclay

The House of Commons voted on 29 January on seven amendments to supplement a government proposal for the deal with Brussels about the country’s withdrawal from the union.

We will leave on the 29th of March without a deal unless we can agree on something, Britain’s Brexit Minister Stephen Barclay has stated.

“The dynamic did change last night and it gives a clear mandate to the prime minister to take back to Brussels”, Barclay said.

“There are a number of options, there are issues in terms of having time limits, issues in terms of exit clauses, issues in terms of technology and this will be the nature of the negotiation with the EU in the coming days”, he said, in response to a query about what could replace the backstop in the deal.

On 29 January evening, the UK Parliament added two amendments to a government proposal for the deal with Brussels.

One of the amendments provides for changing the text of the agreement and, therefore, for the resumption of negotiations with Brussels.

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