Bystanders recall High speed chase hunt of Terrorist attack suspect in Edmonton.

Bystanders who witnessed the high speed hunt of the suspect share their experience.

Jaylene Ellard, one of the bystanders who was out with a friend on the crisp fall evening said, “The police cars just kept coming. They just kept coming. ”

Another witness said the vehicles were driving up to 80 km/h in the 50 km/h zone.

Brian McNeill, who was in a parking lot with a group of friends when the vehicles sped past said, “That high-speed chase should have never, ever in a million years have happened downtown.”

One witness said police cars began to block streets that connect to Jasper Avenue. The U-Haul eventually doubled back and drove the opposite way down Jasper Avenue. Near 107th Street the van struck at least two pedestrians.

Pat Hannigan was about a quarter-block away when he heard a loud bang. He said,”I saw the van on its side, it flipped over, U-Haul van.And they had a guy handcuffed on the ground and obviously they smashed out the window. They had a pipe or something in their hand.”

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