Calgary man warns Cuba travellers about fine charged for breaking TV.

Dan Lukis said his vacation in Varadero, Cuba, was great with the exception of the one event that cast a pall over the entire trip.

According to a rule of 10 policy established by local authorities, one has to pay 10 times of the damage done in Cuba.

The fine-print policy  cost Calgary man, Dan Lukis  more than $5,000 for breaking the TV by mistake. Recalling the incident Lukis shares that a few days into his all-inclusive stay at the Sanctuary at Grand Memories Varadero resort in April,he lost his balance while reaching into the mini-fridge in his room.

In an attempt to steady himself, he grabbed the television, sending it tumbling onto the floor. Though he admitted his mistake, still he was asked to pay 10 times of the TV cost.

When he argued with staff about the cost they told him police and other authorities would get involved and prevent him and his girlfriend from leaving Cuba if he didn’t pay.