Calgary public school board to invest $2 million to hire “math coaches”.

Published on : October 11, 2017 9:33

The Calgary Board of Education is hiring 25 math coaches to help teachers and students at schools where math scores have been low.The board is spending $2 million on the project.

The 25 “coaches” will be deployed at schools where students have not been scoring well on math tests. They will train teachers and also work with students.

Joy Bowen-Eyre, chair of the Calgary Board of Education, says they will be available for kindergarten to Grade 9 schools, but the main focus will be on Grade 6 and Grade 9.

Bowen-Eyre said the money is just for one year of the specialists.She added that If the board sees results in math scores this year, the new board could renew the program next year.

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