Canada appoints new ambassador to Ukraine amidst ongoing crisis: Natalka Cmoc takes charge

Canada has taken a significant step in reinforcing its commitment to supporting Ukraine by naming Natalka Cmoc as the new ambassador. The current envoy, Larisa Galadza, is being succeeded by Cmoc in a move aimed at ensuring Canada’s unwavering support for Ukraine in the present challenging times and for the foreseeable future. Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly announced this decision on Ukraine’s Independence Day.

Strengthening Diplomatic Ties: Global Affairs Canada expressed that the critical relationship between Canada and Ukraine relies heavily on active diplomatic engagement and cooperation with allies. Emphasizing the robust nature of Canada’s ties with Ukraine, the statement underscored the importance of maintaining strong bilateral relations through effective diplomacy. The federal government highlighted Natalka Cmoc’s suitability for the role, citing her deep connections with the Ukrainian community in both nations, her extensive expertise in Ukrainian affairs, and her pivotal role as Canada’s liaison in Kyiv.

A Seasoned Public Servant Takes the Helm: Natalka Cmoc, a fluent Ukrainian speaker, boasts a lengthy career as a dedicated public servant. Her experience includes service at the Canadian Embassy in Ukraine and involvement in crucial tasks such as monitoring Ukrainian elections following the 2015 presidential campaign. Cmoc has also contributed significantly to various departments, including foreign affairs, national defense, and procurement. Notably, she played a pivotal role in establishing Ukraine’s initial security programs in response to Russia’s 2014 invasion, including her involvement in the launch of Operation UNIFIER.

Continuing Support Amidst Ongoing Crisis: Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly reiterated Canada’s unwavering stance in supporting Ukraine amidst the ongoing crisis caused by Russia’s illegal invasion. Joly expressed gratitude to outgoing ambassador Larisa Galadza for her diligent work over the past four years, recognizing her efforts in strengthening the relationship between Canada and Ukraine. Joly also voiced confidence in Natalka Cmoc’s ability to build upon Galadza’s achievements and continue fostering a robust alliance between the two nations.

Leaders Reaffirm Commitment: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also underscored Canada’s unwavering support for Ukraine during a conversation with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Trudeau affirmed Canada’s dedication to assisting Ukraine in defending against Russian aggression, reaffirming the nation’s commitment to ensuring Ukraine’s sovereignty and freedom. President Zelenskyy reciprocated by describing the conversation as “friendly” and commended Canada for consistently standing by Ukraine’s side during these challenging times.

Strong Bonds and Shared Values: Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre highlighted the profound bond between Canada and Ukraine in a statement commemorating Ukraine’s Independence Day. Poilievre acknowledged the tremendous sacrifices made by Ukrainians in safeguarding their sovereignty and cultural heritage, aligning these sacrifices with the cherished values of Canadians. This sentiment underscores the enduring connection and shared principles that underpin the relationship between the two nations.

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