Canada becomes second-most popular country for rich Chinese emigrants.

A survey conducted by Hurun Research Institute, in association with Visas Consulting group show that Canada has surpassed the United Kingdom as the second-most popular foreign country to live in for Chinese individuals worth between 10 million to 200 million yuan ($1.8 million – $37.3 million Canadian).
Chinese millionaires are flocking to Canada for its attractive lifestyle and property investment opportunities.
The United States remains the most attractive country on the Hurun list, although results show its popularity has dipped since U.S. President Donald Trump took over the White House.
The Hurun Report cited pollution and education as the leading reasons for Chinese millionaires to emigrate, along with fears that the yuan will continue to depreciate.
Australia ranked fourth on the list, followed by Malta, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Antigua and Dominica.