Canada has no plans to recognize the Taliban as the Afghan government- Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Afghan government
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Canada stated on Tuesday that it has no intentions to acknowledge the Taliban as Afghanistan’s new government after the terror group stormed the presidential palace on Sunday and declared victory over the Afghan government.

“By force, they have taken over and removed a democratically elected administration.” We have no plans to recognize the Taliban as Afghanistan’s government.

Under Canadian law, they are a designated terrorist group. On Tuesday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was quote saying, “Our focus right now is on getting people out of Afghanistan, and the Taliban need to allow open passage for people to go to the airport.”

He also stated that when the terror group took control of Afghanistan 20 years ago, Ottawa did not recognize the Taliban as the country’s government, according to CTV Network.

The Taliban entered Kabul and took possession of the presidential palace just after President Ashraf Ghani departed Afghanistan on Sunday. In addition, the terrorist group declared victory over the Afghan government.

The Taliban leaders are meeting in Doha to discuss future government plans and are in contact with the international world and intra-Afghan parties to form an Afghan government.

On Monday, the Cohesive Nations Security Council (UNSC) called for an immediate end to all hostilities in Afghanistan and the formation of a new government that is united, inclusive, and representative.

The members of the Security Council, according to UNSC President TS Tirumurti, have called for an immediate halt to the violence in Afghanistan, as well as the restoration of security, civil and constitutional order.