Canada to release Diwali stamps jointly with India.

The Indian Government announced that India and Canada will jointly issue two sets of commemorative postage steps on the theme of Diwali. The stamps will be released on September 21 as per an MoU signed between the postal departments of the two countries.

The theme of Diwali was chosen “considering the large presence of Indian Diaspora” in Canada.

This is going to be their first-ever joint postage stamps.These stamps will be in celebration of Diwali and of Canada’s 150th anniversary, according to a statement released by Canada Post.Both countries will design a stamp each, and both stamps will be released simultaneously.

Deepak Chopra, president of Canada Post, “not only will it represent our country’s proud diversity, it will celebrate the close bond between both countries.”

Canada Post director of stamp services Jim Phillips said both versions of the stamps will be available in both countries. Phillips said they plan to release the stamps around a month ahead of Diwali so that it allows people enough “time to hear about them, buy them and use them”.

This is not Canada’s first Diwali stamp — in 2011, two such stamps were issued but those were not for mass circulation and are now no longer available.

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