Canadian farm exporters face problems because of Bike Shortages due to empty shipping containers.  

bike shortage
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With the coming of Spring, Canadian exporters and Bike stores are all affected due to the shortage of Bikes as it has become challenging to get them from a continent away.

At the sea and world’s pot one common problem is coming up is to find a good set of two wheels. The demand for shipping containers and sea cans is high which is why the import of bikes and other heavy goods are not able to come to Canada. Following this agricultural and lumber products made in Canada are not able to leave the country too for Asia.

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Sea cans and shipping lines demand are being met but with the movement of empty containers instead of filed up containers with lentils and lumber.

Many industrial groups are affected for the past few months like Freight Management Association of Canada and Pulse Canada.

The problem of export also lies with farmers as they are not able to send their crops overseas.

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Agricultural groups say the problem is restricting their ability to ship crops overseas.

Jeff English of the advocacy group Pulse Canada said, “One of Canada’s biggest selling quality lies in the ability to supply. We’re there when countries need us when buyers need us. Our ability to supply is good.”