Canadian lawmakers want Afghan women MPs to be brought to Canada

The Canadian government is being urged by an all-party group of MPs to help Afghan women who served as lawmakers before the Taliban took control in evacuating to safety.

Following the shooting death of former Afghan lawmaker Mursal Nabizada in Kabul on Sunday, a group of Canadian lawmakers demanded immediate action to rescue eight Afghan women lawmakers who have been abandoned in Kabul and are living in complete desperation due to the country’s ongoing humanitarian crisis brought on by the Taliban’s rule, according to Khaama Press.

According to Kabul Police, Mursal Nabizada, a former Afghan MP, and her bodyguard were shot and killed on Sunday in her home in the city’s centre.

Nabizada was one of the few MPs who remained in Kabul when the Taliban regained control. The Nabizada murder is the subject of an ongoing inquiry.

Six Canadian MPs said in a joint statement that they had been trying to get the eight remaining Afghan women MPs to come to Canada for more than a year according to Khaama Press.

The statement continued by stating that girls and women in Afghanistan are not safe, particularly not these fearless female MPs who blazed the way for Afghan women under the previous regime.

The statement stated, “We encourage the Canadian government to act promptly and take appropriate efforts to assist in getting these women to safety.”

Additionally, Khaama Press reported that the Afghan women MPs from the former administration who stayed in Kabul after the Taliban took over in August 2021 now face serious threats.

Afghans’ quality of life has severely declined since the Taliban came to power, particularly for women and girls. As time goes by, women are more restricted from participating in public activities, sports, occupations, and education.