Canadian Musician arrested in Japan for alleged drug smuggling

Global affairs Canada has confirmed the arrest of Vancouver musician in Japan for allegedly attempting to smuggle $7 million worth of drugs into the country.

According to a report in Japan Today, Daniel Burton Whitmore,nicknamed Dicksee Di’anno 44, was found with 9.8 kilograms of stimulant drugs Dec.11 when he arrived at Narita International Airport on a flight from Vancouver.

The drugs were reported to have been hidden under a false bottom of his guitar case and in tea cannisters. The musician was charged with violating the Stimulants Control Law and the Japanese Customs Law, according to the reports.

Vancouver-based lawyer Michael Klein thinks it’s unlikely the Canadian government would get involved with a “foreign prosecution.”

Report by ANN News, Japan

Spokeswoman Brianne Maxwell from Global Affairs Canada said, “Canadian officials in Tokyo are providing consular assistance to the individual and the family.Due to the provisions of the privacy act, further details on this case cannot be released.”

Whitmore is the lead singer of Powerclown, a Vancouver-based Iron Maiden tribute band that performs in clown makeup. He performs under the stage name “Dan Scumm.”

The family is bracing for a harsh punishment for Whitmore if he’s convicted because Japan is known for its tough stance on drug crimes.

One of Whitmore’s Powerclown bandmates, who goes by the name Sketchy Klown said that he hopes, if his friend is convicted, he will be able to serve his sentence in Canada.