Canadians imprisoned in Afghanistan speak out following a horrific airport blast, saying, “I’m losing hope”

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As explosions exploded outside Kabul’s airport, the last hope for many fleeing Taliban rule, one Canadian family’s children were playing on a tablet at home, thousands of kilometres away, oblivious to the carnage outside.

Since the new regime’s rapid capture of the city and much of Afghanistan, it’s been the only semblance of normalcy for the five youngsters in hiding with their parents.

The father, who worked for the Canadian government and asked to remain anonymous to fear Taliban vengeance, has lived in Toronto for the past 13 years. When he went to see his family in Kabul, he realized there was no way back home.

He told, “We’ve been instructing our kids not to go outside. At home, we attempt to keep them occupied by letting them play on their iPads and tablets.”

He’d tried unsuccessfully the day before the blasts to go to the Baron Hotel, a location designated by Global Affairs Canada for safety and possible evacuation from Afghanistan. On Thursday, one of the explosions, which killed at least 72 people, occurred at or near that hotel.