Be careful:5 habits that can impair your career.

Angela Payne, general manager of Monster Canada highlights 5 bad habits that can ruin your career.

Bad habits can be hard to break, but sometimes those bad habits can be costly to your reputation, especially where your work is concerned.

Payne says, “Your work ethic and reputation are two things that you are absolutely in control of to get you to where you want to be.”

Sometimes we may not be aware that we have these bad habits, other times it’s self-sabotaging. Either way, these habits people choose to give into will hold them back from reaching their true professional potential, Payne says.

Payne identifies five habits out of many that are most common, why they’re harmful to one’s career and how you can fix them.Theses are:

1. Show up late:

Payne says, “This shows that your time management skills may not be up to par and that you’re not respectful of others’ time.The more frequent the habit, the more harmful it can be.”


2.  Saying no

Saying no once in a while isn’t going to hurt you, but if you make a habit of saying no to almost every opportunity that comes your way can send the wrong message, Payne says.

3.  Blaming and not taking ownership

Sure there are times where we might mess up at work – missing a deadline or forgetting to complete an assignment. But it’s about the way we respond to these negative situations that help us move forward, Payne says.

4. Resisting change

“Change will be a hurdle that we will all face at some point,” Payne says. “In fact, the only constant in the work environment is change.”

Payne suggests, “By resisting change and staying stuck in the past, it will keep you from moving forward.”

5. Not speaking up

Whether you’re just starting out in your career or not, establishing your voice is important.

Payne says, “If you find yourself silent in meetings or other work situations, it may signal to your colleagues that you’re not interested.An easy solution to avoid staying silent is to prepare questions in advance of a meeting.”

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