Carney can be the possible future candidate for the leadership of liberal party.

Mark Carney
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Mark Carney, the former Bank of Canada governor showcased his support to the Liberal party and he made it clear that he will do ‘whatever’ is required for the party’s interests.According to some political observers, Carney was looked up as a possible future candidate for liberal party leadership, until he addressed the party delegates where his political allegiances were unknown.
At the policy convention, Carney praised the efforts of the government for their climate policies and also the Canada Child Benefit in a 15-minute address. During the time of pandemics and crises, these plans have helped Canadian families.
Carney said, “Everyone these days! Almost everyone does recognize that the climate is changing. But when it comes down to politics, one makes your own weather”.
He further added, “Canada was going nowhere fast on climate before the present government came into office. Now, we have a legislative commitment to net zero, making us the first country in the G20 with a carbon price policy which is enough to make a difference.”
In all this former Goldman Sachs banker didn’t mention at all whether he will be a candidate for the part in the next election campaign or not.
Carney said, “Humility means recognizing the great good fortune. I’ll do whatever I can to support the Liberal Party in our efforts to build a better future for Canadians”.