Celebration of Raksha Bandhan in 2022 and its significance

Happy Raksha Bandhan 2022: On this day, let your siblings know how much you value and cherish them.


Raksha Bandhan, a Hindu holiday observed on the day of Shravan Poornima, honouring the bond between brothers and sisters, was celebrated on Thursday by people all around the world. It is primarily observed in Northern India and is one of the most important Hindu festivals.

Sisters wrap a rakhi (a holy amulet) around their brother’s wrist during the festival to represent the brother’s pledge to look out for and guard against their sister. Siblings also exchange special gifts, with brothers pampering sisters with their favourite valuables.

Even though the exact origin of the occasion is unknown, according to mythological tales there are numerous historical accounts that attest to the ancient Indian roots of this festival. Among those stories is the one about Krishna and Draupadi.

Rakshabandhan: The tale of Krishna and Draupadi

While defeating Shishupala, Lord Krishna was holding the lightning-fast Sudarshana on his finger when his finger began to bleed. Draupadi, a devoted follower of the Lord and the wife of the Pandavas, rushed to bandage her beloved Lord’s injured finger.

She ripped a small sari piece and tied it to the Lord’s hand. Krishna was moved by this selfless act of affection, and promised to safeguard Draupadi at all times. Long after the Pandavas had lost their wife to the Kaurva’s at the court of Dhritarashtra’s, the Kaurva’s had performed Cheerharan, Lord Krishna had then defended Draupadi’s honour.

Canada is well-known for its varied culture and communities. More than one million Indians live in Canada’s various provinces. People celebrate Raksha Bandhan with zeal and devotion, despite being distanced from the customs and the Indian mainland but during certain festive seasons, you might discover the same passion in neighborhood shops. Religious buildings are decorated with floral arrangements and light.

Celebrate this festival of love, care, and bonding with your siblings wherever you are in the world, as it brings you closer to the values and culture of Indian tradition.