Chickens will be permitted in Toronto backyards under pilot project

City Council approved a pilot project on Oct. 3 allowing residents in some Toronto neighbourhoods  to keep chickens in their backyards.Residents can keep up to four chickens, no roosters are permitted — and must register with the city.

Chickens would not be allowed in apartment buildings, condominiums or properties without sufficient outdoor space. Under the system, chickens must remain within a resident’s yard and any eggs produced are for personal consumption and can’t be sold.

Coun. Justin Di Ciano, who brought the pilot to council, said the project will give city residents an alternative to store-bought eggs.

The pilot will run in four city wards over the next three years with an interim review in 18 months.

Several municipalities in Ontario, including Kingston, Brampton, Niagara Falls and Caledon, all allow residents to keep chickens in backyard coops.

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