Chief Whip Mark Holland Says Raj Grewal Not A Member Of Liberal Caucus

Written by priyadarshinee

Published on : December 3, 2018 10:32

Following Liberal MP Raj Grewal reversing his pledge to resign, MP Mark Holland from the Ajax-Durham region tweeted that Grewal is no longer a member of the Liberal caucus.

“I confirmed, in writing, earlier this morning to the Speaker of the House of Commons that Raj Grewal, MP for Brampton East, is not a member of the Liberal Caucus,” Holland’s tweet read.

Grewal announced his plans to resign due to “personal and medical reasons” in a post on his Facebook page on Nov. 22. The Prime Minister’s Office later confirmed, referring to “gambling problems” as a factor in his resignation.

Holland previously commented on Grewal’s resignation when questions arose about whether the Brampton East official’s gambling addiction had anything to do with his removal from a role on the finance committee on Sept. 19, two months prior to the resignation announcement.

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