Christmas music can be bad for your mental health, says some experts.

A U.K. psychologist,Linda Blair recently said too much Christmas music can be bad for your mental health.

Blair says being forced to listen to Christmas music, especially in stores, can result in people having pre-holiday stress.

She said, “You’re simply spending all of your energy trying not to hear what you’re hearing.”

Pam Lansbergen, executive assistant for the Canadian Association for Music Therapy and certified music therapist, says she can see why some people may feel stressed out during the holidays.

“I would say it can, but not just because it’s Christmas music.With any music in a certain situation, both our minds and bodies have a reaction we’re not always in control of.”

Blair argued Christmas music reminds people to spend money on gifts, organize parties and trips. There are also a ton of chores that come with the holidays.

Author and music therapist Jennifer Buchanan said for some, Christmas music can emphasize feelings of loss, grief or money issues.

Lansbergen says because Christmas music is also small in variety — stores tend to only play popular songs — hearing the same songs over a six to eight week period can get challenging.

Lansbergen says music can cause all types of emotions in people, and for those who love the holiday season, listening to this music any time of the year can lead to good feelings.

In 2012, Canadian retail pharmacy Shoppers Drug Mart stopped playing Christmas music in early November, after several customers complained.