CIA’s First-Ever Tri-City Drive Thru

CIA's First-Ever Tri-City Drive Thru

Canadian Indian Association of Halton Region celebrated India’s 75th Indian Independence Day with its first-ever tri-city drive-thru.
The day started at 8:45 AM at the Milton Sports Centre, and from there, over 30 cars made their way towards the Town Hall of Oakville. The convoy moved towards Burlington City Hall later on and finished the event at the Milton Sports Centre.

At each location, the Canadian Indian Association hoisted the flag and sang the Canadian and Indian National Anthems, and some dignitaries shared their thoughts on the occasion.

The Canadian Indian Association of Halton Region is a Not-for-Profit Organisation, and it aims to celebrate both countries. In his speech to its members, President of the Association, Mr. Jag Mohan Mainra, said, “We love being the residents of Halton Region. This place has encouraged us to value our heritage and pay homage to it, all the while still being proud Canadians. I want to thank all the members who have made our virtual and Drive-thru celebrations a success this year. We hope that this is just the beginning of something unique and long-lasting. We would like to thank the Halton Police Department for making our event a success, it would not be possible with their support.”

The event was attended by MP, Mr. Adam Van Koverden and MPP, Mr. Parm Gill, and community members. All COVID Protocols were followed during the event. Actively participating in the event were its Board of Directors- Mr. Nilesh Patel, Mr. Nikk Thakkar, Mr. Jigar Patel, Mr. Rohit Sharma, Mrs. Shona Sharma, Mrs Hetal Shah and Mrs. Diksha Pal Narayan. We missed our other Board members- Mrs Hassu Bihari, Mr Sanjay Dhingra and Mrs. Shikha Dhingra who could not make it to the event but were instrumental in making it possible.

The Canadian Indian Association is looking to expand its membership, so if you want to join in the fun, log on to to get more details.